Homeless Case Management (HCM) Training Course

Homeless Case Management (HCM) Training Course equips and empowers people to provide case management style services to people experiencing homelessness. The course includes training on; program development, program process, navigating community resources, understanding homelessness and best service practices.

People experiencing homelessness often experience extreme poverty and a lack of social support. While those serving the homeless community may feel humbled by their experience, it is important to recognize that the people being served remain impoverished even after ones good deed has been completed. While community service opportunities mainly focus on meeting the basic needs of those suffering in our community (food, clothing, hygiene products, etc.) volunteers often fail to understand what causes a homeless persons situation and what can be done to help them reach self-sufficiency. You can start to understand the complex epidemic of homelessness through our courses. 

Introduction to Homelessness

  •     Why case management is critical to ending homelessness one person at a time
  •     Understanding Homelessness
  •     Facts vs Myth about Homelessness

Best Practices

  • Understanding your own comfort level
  • Setting personal boundaries
  • Conflict Resolution
  • De-escalation
  • Best Practice (Workbook)

Community Resources

  • Understanding client situations
  • Understanding community resources
  • The science behind research (proven keyword studies)
  • Research tools
  • Community Resource 101

Basic needs are visible and often the easiest needs to meet. That is why opportunities to serve in this capacity are readily accessible. While the need for social rehabilitation and community navigating are not widely recognized, they are among the most important services that can be offered to an individual experiencing homelessness.

It is a common myth that to serve the homeless with case management one must have a degree in Human Services or Social Work. However, it is the love for service that will help lead people from homelessness into housing. It is through the dedication of volunteers that so many people have found a place in their community to call home. Through the ongoing support of volunteers people experiencing homelessness gain knowledge on available resources that help move them from homelessness into housing. While there are many government agencies and non-profit organizations working to combat homelessness there is still a need for volunteers to assist in building relationships, navigating services, and supporting those impoverished in our communities.

It is our honor to train dedicated volunteers to serve the homeless community with deeper understanding of their situation and to help offer solutions that can change the course of someone’s life for the better. We do not require a minimum education to provide a loving presence to help those in need gain accessibility to the resources they desperately need. When we focus on what causes homelessness for an individual we can then try to identify a solution to help meet the needs of that individual person, helping to end homelessness one persona at a time.

If you would like to join the movement and learn more about our Homeless Case Management Training please contact us today!