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Hygiene and health are intimately connected. Poor hygiene is an inevitable result of homelessness. Establishing proper hygiene is key to a sense of self worth and better health. Those less fortunate in our community don’t always have access to regularly brushing teeth, washing hair, washing hands, cleaning with soap, wearing deodorant, feminine hygiene products, and clean underwear and socks.

When people don’t have access to these products, many consequences will develop ranging from unemployment to serious diseases. Hygiene for Humanity provides basic hygiene to programs and people, thus building a healthier community and stronger homeless programs overall.

Most American’s don’t stop and think about personal hygiene because it is a part of their daily routine. For people experiencing homelessness hygiene comes with it’s own set of struggles. Most homeless people don’t have access to showers and on average bathe once every six days. Generally, people without homes address personal hygiene in public restrooms such as coffee shops and train stations.

For women and families who are homeless there is additional struggle due to the increasing expense of feminine hygiene products and diapers. Often these people are faced with a grim choice to purchase their needed hygiene products or just go without.

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Hygiene for Humanity is a campaign ran by Future in Humanity, a 501 c 3 organization dedicated to transforming the lives of people experiencing homelessness. When launched in 2015 the campaign generated 16 sponsors, 68 volunteers and distributed 1,000 hygiene bags. Every year Hygiene for Humanity strives to grow and serve more people in need.

Donate Hygiene Products

Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, razors, lotion, baby wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, chap-stick, new socks, underwear and laundry detergent.

Ways to get involved

  • Sponsorship
  • Product Donation
  • Donation Drives
  • Volunteer


Facts and Statistics

– An Orange County renter must earn $29.75 an hour for their housing costs not to exceed 33% of their income.  That equals a $61,884 annual salary. In comparison one in five Orange County households (20.5%) make less than $25,000 annually (U.S. Census).

– A single parent with two children working two minimum wage jobs would pay 59.5% of their income towards housing to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment. This affordability gap is one of the largest contributing factors to homelessness.

-The Orange County Department of Education identified 32,510 homeless children in 2015-2016 school year. This totals just under 3.5% of all school age children.  (OC Department of Education).

– Contrary to popular belief, for a majority of individuals homelessness is a short-term occurrence. When asked how long it had been since their last permanent housing situation 56.7% of sheltered individuals in Orange County reported they had been homeless for less than a year. Only 22.6% had been in a shelter for more than 2 years (Orange County 10 Year Plan).

– A majority of homeless individuals are only homeless once in their life. In Orange County, the 2011 Point-in-Time count found that 70.2% of individuals had only faced one episode of homelessness in the preceding years (2011 Orange County PIT).