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Course Overview

Homelessness is impacting families and communities across the United States. Low wage jobs coupled with high housing costs are pushing even the working poor onto the streets.

You can help alleviate suffering and support recovery of people experiencing homelessness. Designed by homeless service providers, this course introduces people to the realities of homelessness, homeless systems including the most up-to-date statistics and best practices for solving homelessness for good.

Introduction to Homelessness

            Categories of Homelessness

            Causes of Homelessness

            Common Barriers

            Homelessness in America

Mental Health and Homelessness

        Mental Health Overview


        Crisis Intervention

        Conflict Resolution

Homeless Services

        Client Assessment

        Community Navigating

        How to Influence Action

        Trauma Informed Care

This learning activity is designed for human service and social work students, government employees, and volunteers new to the homeless service sector. A certificate of completion is available upon completion of the course.

Online Training Program


transforming the lives of people experiencing homelessness