What is homelessness? Any person experiencing homelessness is living in a state of emergency or crisis. A crisis is any event that leads to an unstable and dangerous situation. That means that the person experiencing homelessness naturally is on high alert, altering their behavior that affects their routine. People experiencing homelessness will undergo a number of life changing emotions including but not limited to severe depression, anxiety, paranoia and post-traumatic stress.

Homelessness means not having a home. Some people have no roof over their head and sleep on the street, in a bush, in doorways or on night buses. But much more homelessness is hidden – you could be homeless if you sleep in your car, an RV or even motel. Now the reality of homelessness is much complex than definition. Homelessness can consist of single women, men, families, children and can be multi-generational. It has been through many years of working with the homeless community that we have found there is not a solution that fits all.